Complete Guide to Buy an Independent House for Sale

Buying an independent house for sale  is one of the most hectic tasks and can consume loads of time, resources and energy. And even after spending all these, getting a good house is quite skeptical. There might be many reasons that help you decide that purchasing a bungalow is a correct move for you. However, there are many important factors you must look into before committing yourself to a purchase of property.


Purchasing a bungalow involves a huge investment and hence one must take proper precautions before making a deal and avoid further frustrations. Be it the accessibility, ease of living, privacy or open plan living, you must ensure to consider every other factor before you buy yourself an independent home. This complete guide to buy an independent house for sale will help you in planning your purchase and end up buying your dream home.

#1 Plot or a Bungalow

Your search for an independent house must start by making yourself clear whether you want to purchase a plot or an already constructed bungalow. This will help you make a particular budget and carry out the search accordingly. Another important thing to consider is the necessary planning permission if you are searching for an empty plot and willing to build a bungalow on it.

On the other hand you must also be clear whether you are looking to renovate or extend a property if you are searching for an already constructed bungalow. If you are planning for the same, you need to be sure that such renovations and extensions are possible in the properties you are looking.

#2 Privacy and Layout

Bungalows are often detached or semi-detached and enjoy complete privacy which cannot be met in other kind of properties. However, the bedrooms and bathrooms being at a ground level this privacy many a times can be compromised. Thus, you must ensure that you can achieve much more privacy by raising compound or planting shrubs and bushes all around the bungalow.

While selecting an independent house for sale in Bangalore you must also ensure that the adjoining plots do not have any high residential buildings that would shadow your bungalow completely. Such high building will not just be an unwanted privacy intrusion but also will defend natural light to come in your rooms. Hence, ensure that the locality you select is dominated by independent houses.

Layout of the bungalow is another important aspect to look at when selecting a bungalow. Take a look at each and every room in the house and look at the probabilities of using it in your way. This can be avoided if you are thinking to renovate the entire place but cannot be overlook if you are going to adapt the place as it is.

#3 Spare Room and Storage

Many a times the bungalows are likely to have less number of rooms than in an apartment of the same price. Thus, you might find lesser rooms available for things like office room, home gym, guest room, etc. So make sure that you keep such things into considerations before purchasing yourself an independent home. You can even come up with such issues by distributing the content of an utility room between the kitchen, closed area below the staircase, or the outside garage.

If you plan to extend your family and would require and additional bedroom, make sure that the bungalow you are selecting can get granted a planning permission to add another room. Many a times, bungalows use up the entire FSI allocated to that plot area and further no rooms can be added to it. Hence, one must confirm such things before investing in a bungalow.

#4 Security

Security is one of the major issues when it comes to independent bungalows. Thus, proper precautions need to be taken while buying a bungalow. Make sure that the house is not hidden from the road and can be easily seen from a public area. It’s been monitored that thieves target homes that are largely hidden from the roads. You must also see to it that you have neighbors and the area is a bit crowded if not at large. Also, the area must be adequately lit at night. Moreover, you can install in burglar alarms and other security systems for additional safety.

Hope the above complete guide to buy an independent house for sale will help you with your bungalow purchase.